volunteers ilyc 2021

Welcome to the volunteer page. Do you want to help and realize an unforgettable international laughter yoga congress together? That’s fantastic. You will receive our eternal thanks, mentioning of your name on the website and a discount for the conference in return! We are looking for volunteers who want to do what they like and what they are good at.

We are looking for you for the following tasks :):

  • write press releases
  • promoting the international lachyoga congress through various media channels
  • drivers in possession of a car to pick up Dr. Madan Kataria and Madhuri from the airport
  • arrange sponsorship of goodie bags (Esther Karen Boom)
  • arrange sponsorship of printed matter (Esther Karen Boom)
  • arrange sponsorship of international laughter yoga congress (Esther Karen Boom) contacts for questions via mail or messenger (Dutch and/or English)
  • English – NL and NL – English translators at the Lachyoga Congress
  • photographers during the international laughter yoga congress
  • employee reception
  • information point
  • friendly guides for late arrivals of participants
  • Live broadcast and promotion via social media channels
  • Technical support for speakers of audio and projection presentations
  • Technical support microphones
  • Overall support
  • program manager
  • Atmosphere manager
  • applause managers :).
  • Information point about Rotterdam
  • Design posters and decorative material
  • Did we forget something? Please let us know

When you have a task during the event, please know that it will cost you between 5 – 7 hours for the whole event, so you will have plenty of time to enjoy the workshops!

For questions please contact Guldane: guldane@groeiparel.com or lachcongres@groeiparel.com