Terms and conditions

On this page you will find the general terms and conditions of purchased products or services by Groeiparel.

You have the right to cancel the purchase up to 2 weeks after the purchase. This does not apply for products and services which date of offer have already expired. You will only receive back purchase amounts confirmed by email or letter. After 2 weeks the warranty expires and you will not receive any money or any form of reimbursement. At the time of purchase you agreed with the terms and conditions. By payment you indicate that you have taken note of the terms and conditions and you take responsibility for the purchase.

Tickets for the international laughter yoga congress cannot be returned or sold without permission of Groeiparel.

Earlybird discount only applies to tickets that were actually paid at least 1 day before the final mentioned date. Payments after March 20, 2020, have not the early bird discount as is mentioned on the website till 20 March.

Participants of the conference who have already purchased tickets do not compete for later offers, promotional actions and / or cannot claim a refund of money.

Participants at the congress agree with photos and videos made during the 2021 international laughter congress. Copyright remains with the organization and photos may only be used for promoting laughter yoga activities.

Groeiparel will insure the event by taking a cancellation insurance. This is a company insurance policy for unforeseen circumstances for particular reasons that the international laughter yoga congress cannot take place. In the event of cancellation by Groeiparel, the buyer receives the amount paid for the ticket back. Claims cannot be submitted for reimbursement of any other costs.

After completion and announcement of the program, the program can change at any time due to circumstances. You can only claim cancellation of the main and guests of honour: Dr. Madan and Madhuri Kataria. No other claims can be made on other changes to the program, concerning other speakers and location changes (within Rotterdam) and time.

Groeiparel reserves the right to adjust the page.