Stay in Rotterdam

Staying in Rotterdam during the international laughter yoga conference? That’s great! On this page you’ll find some hotel suggestions near Blaak. In this area there is a train and metro station, and you can get on the tram and bus just as easy. Are you coming by train from Schiphol Airport? You will propably arrive at Rotterdam Central Station, which is about 2 kilometers from Rotterdam Blaak and the location, named: The Bibliotheektheater. You can reach Blaak station by cab, train, tram (line 21, 24), metro and bus. From Rotterdam Central, the train to Rotterdam Blaak might me the best option. You can also choose to walk.

A hotel hostel or B&B within walking distance of the location would be my choice. I chose a few accommodations, you might be interested in.

Book an overnight stay

An easy way is to make a booking via If you prefer a bed & breakfast, check out Below I mention some hotel suggestions. Some are more expensive than others. I took into account the distance to the laughter yoga conference venue. I have no personal experience with the hotels, but I have checked the reviews from a lot hotel guests on the hotels and booking websites. * Prices below are based on prices quoted on July 6, 2020.

The Savoy Hotel: only 210 meters from the library theater. From: € 79 (excl. 6.5% tourist tax). Recommended if you are 2 people.

IBIS hotel: 700 meters from the Library Theater. From 69 euros (with cancellation, without breakfast).

Hotel Breitner: a decent budget hotel ± 1.7 km away from the Library Theater. From 54 euros (via This hotel is rated with a 9.3.

Student hotel: 1.4 km from the library theater. From ± 100 euros for a double room. Tram 21, 24 stops in front of the door.

  • The earlier you book a room, the cheaper it is. Therefore, do not wait too long. Prices might change soon due to other events. DO book with cancellation options due to COVID-19.
  • Booking through a booking website can be cheaper than through the property’s own websites. Check whether it includes tourist tax.
  • Have you booked a room without breakfast? That is really no problem in Rotterdam. You can have breakfast in many places or buy some treats for the road. In addition, there is a Saturday market at Blaak station.
  • Take into account ambient noise when booking. Staying in the center is great, but this also means ambient noise from the catering industry. If you do choose for a hotel in the city, ask for a quiet room.
  • If you like your night’s rest, it is a good idea to choose a hotel just outside the center. Savoy hotel is a good option.
  • In or outside the center? Earplugs can contribute to a pleasant night’s sleep. Take them on a trip.
  • Make your personal wishes known in your reservation.
  • Would you like to share a room? Ask if there are any laughing yoga colleagues who want that too. Of course you can also make a call in the newsletter of Alida van Leeuwen or on Facebook.
  • Is there no difference in room rate between a 1 or 2 person room? Then you may be able to book a double room.
  • There is always a market at Blaak on Saturdays. This is a lively, busy market where you can buy everything. Some cash can come in handy.
  • Blaak station is centrally located. You can also go in different directions. The distances are short, but it is practical to purchase an OV chip card, to take it with you or to borrow an anonymous card from someone. You can even lease an OV chip card.
  • Are you coming by car? Then park your car cheaply at a P + R location. The nearest P + R is Kralingse Zoom location. Read carefully how it works before parking the car there. From Kralingse Zoom you are four metro stops (9 minutes) away from Blaak Station.
  • Found your accommodation? Then check the distance to the location (library theater) via google maps.
    Do you have a tip yourself? Feel free to mail me. Then I mention it here.

*No rights can be assigned to the mentioned prices. These are only suggestions as an extra.