Laughter powerful tool

Laughter is healthy because it relaxes and is also a great counterpart to negative stress. That alone already is a reason for me to laugh as often as I can. I am not ashamed to say that I was sensitive to stress. That is not strange at all, if we know that we have up to 40,000 thoughts a day, of which 70% are negative. That negativity costs a lot of energy. Sometimes it causes a real energy leak. You can meditate, do sports, walk, what I all like to do, but the beauty of laughter is that you cannot stay in the head and laugh at the same time. So when you choose to laugh, you get out of the head and you get into the body and eventually into the heart. Laughter is also an amazing resource to reach higher goals.

During my study social work I learned to use resources(tools) to achieve goals. I found that so fascinating. Because you can organize anything as long as your goals are clear. For example, I organized an organic 3-course dinner for a group of students to bring organic food to their attention. It took me some time and money, but it resulted in a nice evening and a good meal, informative conversations and new insights to everyone. Of course you can use laughter very well as a resource to achieve personal and/or work goals. It is a powerful resource to:

  • get closer to yourself
  • childlike playfulness
  • reduce thinking
  • good mood
  • instant energy
  • get connected
  • open up
  • more fun in life
  • deal differently in same kind of situations
  • experience positivity
  • expose positivity
  • becoming more creative
  • act from inside out
  • improve your concentration
  • live from the heart
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • take better care of your body.
  • put  things into perspective
  • be more fit
  • create necessary hormonal substances
  • reduce stress level
  • pain relief
  • get new insights
  • letting go
  • sleep well

And there is a lot more.

Do you want more laughter to achieve one or more of these goals? Just contact me and let’s laugh together. Email or call 0031681533594.