International laughter yoga congress 2021

Dear laughter yoga friends and family.

Welcome on this international laughter yoga congress 2021 page from the Netherlands! 19, 20 and 21 March in 2021 promises to be an inspiring laughter yoga weekend with Dr. Madan Kataria and his wife Madhuri as guests of honor! My name is Guldane Doymaz and I teach laughter yoga and mindfulness. After attending various laughter yoga congress (the Netherlands, Turkey in the photo, France, Germany) and still going to several, I want to offer the Dutch and international colleagues an unforgettable weekend full of inspiration, joy and fun together. Besides Dr. Madan Kataria and Madhuri a lot of inspiring speakers will share experiences and exercises with us. Fortunately, Alida van Leeuwen helps and supports me with this. As some of you know, Alida is our laughter yoga ambassador and master trainer laughter yoga. We can also use your help. You can contribute in different ways. Letting us know that you will join the congress and save the date, would be great. If you can join us please send an email to If you do not receive a confirmation, feel free to text me on WhatsApp (0681533594) or messenger. With you around it will be so much more fun!

Guldane Doymaz en Alida van Leeuwen

Book and pay in advance and get your early bird discount of 174 euros (incl. 21 tax) till the first of 21 June 2020 (payments till that date will be counted as early bird payments). So you only pay € 225,–

There is room for 150 participants, so don’t wait too long.

Location: Bibliotheektheater Rotterdam, Hoogstraat 110, 3011 PV Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

We could use your help! If you want to help as a volunteer in the laughter yoga weekend. Please let us know. You can help in several ways and on different parts of the day. In any case, you will receive our eternal thanks, your name and/or company name on the website and a big discount on the international laughing yoga congress! Of course there will be enough time to join workshops.

“When you laugh, you change, when you change, the whole world changes” Dr. Madan Kataria

Dr. Kataria and his lovely wife Madhuri