coaching for laughter yoga professionals

I am sure you are a great laughter yoga leader or teacher who knows laughter and gets all the benefits. Wouldn’t it be amazing to spread the laughter in your own unique way by offering laughter yoga sessions? What keeps you from doing it? Do you have this feeling of not being ready or is it the technology which keeps you away ?  Good news! I can coach you on both aspects.

Are you:

  • A laughter yoga professional who lost contact with leading  laughter sessions?
  • Ready to lead several sessions in a safe environment to get your practise back?
  • Ready to reflect on your sessions with gentleness and selflove?
  • Ready to laugh at your beautiful flaws?
  • Ready to focus on how wonderful you are?

The laughter yoga trainer experience program

  • 4 times 75 minutes program  
  • (Monday 14, Wednesday 16, Friday 18 and Mon 21 December 2020, 11.00 AM – 12 PM European Time)
  • Online via Zoom
  • A small group of max 8 laughter yoga professionals. 
  • Celebration price € 44,44

Send me an email: And I will send you a payment link.

My laughter yoga journey was an easy one. NOT

In the beginning of my laughter yoga journey 4 years ago, I felt really nervous before every session and it cost me  a lot of energy. I looked up against it every time.

Even the laughter club was only once a month the first half year, I did not like the feeling at all and it did not make any sense, because laughter yoga was supposed to be fun.  I tried to connect with other laughter yoga professionals to come together for our own practise weekly, but it was not meant to be. Luckily I had some laughter yoga sessions here and there, but too little to build up experience and confidence. I went to India in that summer of 2017 for the teacher training. Even Dr. Madan Kataria was a great inspiration when we talk about going out there and showing what laughter yoga was, I was very shy and insecure. Once he motivated me to offer a free laughter yoga session to an Indian group at the venue. That was quite something, but also my first international experience. I committed myself to at least a weekly laughter club when I was back in The Netherlands. Dr. Madan Kataria had said: ‘People will come. Soon it became more than one laughter session a week and the experience grew bigger and bigger and with the experience my confidence grew. After my India trip I also changed my focus. The laughter yoga club was first of all to maintain my own laughter practise and skills. Sometimes we were with two, sometimes with six or seven. The studio is small and I always enjoy small groups and so the Wednesday laughter yoga club became my anchor to maintain and grow my laughter.

In the end experiences of leading several sessions on weekly base and also reflections on my sessions gave me trust, inner peace and knowledge that every laughter yoga session is – like guiding a mindfulness meditation –  my own practise while I lead a session. I can use my senses to feel what exercise fits or I can feel what is needed. I can also feel free instead of feeling responsible for the laughter of others. And when I laugh freely without expectations the magic of the unexpected happens.

More about the program


  • Opening a session and welcoming – every week someone else.
  • Looking into limiting thoughts
  • Changing limiting thoughts into helping thoughts
  • Sharing breathing exercises by the group
  • Sharing laughter exercises by the group
  • Reflect, evaluate, feedback and what to do with it.
  • 5 minutes meditation.
  • What to do with? Questions.
  • Someone has to end the session


  • Act cool. Lead. 8 sessions of 5 minutes
  • Where is your attention?
  • Evaluation by writing (at home)
  • Reflecting
  • 5 minutes meditation
  • Sharing helping thoughts
  • Sharing one most common fear.
  • Someone has to end the session


  • 4 sessions of 10 minutes
  • 5 minutes guided meditation
  • 4 sessions of 4 minutes
  • Looking at your self.
  • Someone has to end the session


  • 8 sessions of 8 minutes
  • sharing the next step in one sentence
  • Buddy sessions.
  • Who is in?
  • Who is inviting?
  • Someone has to end the session